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Simple ways to get better fuel efficiency without you having to be adept at the mechanics that power your car, so that you can drive past the fuel pump more often than you stop there. And if you are concerned that a CPO car will have problems you might not be able to detect, consider bringing a mechanic with you to look it over before you buy it. He may be able to spot any issues that may have been overlooked in the dealer inspection.

About 15,000 miles down the road, most vehicles are due for their first service. The mechanic should check the vehicle's frame, tires, air bags, and undercarriage, as well as the engine. If the odometer was faulty and replaced at some point in the vehicle's history, it is legally required that the odometer reading be recorded on a decal that is displayed on the vehicle.

The vital components of any paid car check must include outstanding finance agreements, records of any major accident damage that's resulted in a category loss, mileage discrepancies and theft records. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for a while, it's wise also to change transmission oil, coolant and even power steering and brake fluid.

To get an instant car mileage check and learn about the history of the used car you're interested in buying, enter the registration online now to find out more. Unfortunately, not all, so before you buy a car do not be afraid to ask about his application, because checked the VIN allow you to know it's history.

Please note - this service is only available via the official Motorcheck website. The CARFAX Vehicle History Report is the new way to obtain mileage information. When he researched the issue, he learned that Porsche will not approve a vehicle as a CPO unless it has tires with this specification.

Some finance houses like Lex Vehicle Leasing increase the excess mileage charge if you do more than 10% of the contract mileage, and the increase is 50% more for every mile over the 10% agreed margin, so 6p turns into 9p per mile and £1 turns into £1.50. If you're in doubt, check your agreement.

Michelin recommends replacing all four tires at the same time for maximum safety, to maintain even wear and traction on all four tires. If a car has 110,000 miles or more, it is better to avoid purchasing it. The government has launched a website that allows users to check the entire MoT history and mileage of a vehicle for free.

It's vital to know the history of any car you're thinking of buying, and it can be a huge factor when deciding whether or not to go through with a deal. It was BIMTA that first created mileage checks, and background checks, on imports. If the car's still running 100,000 miles down the road, you've already got the hang of it.

If the owner afterwards gets the same car back (sometimes it's replaced outright with another vehicle), it now gets ordinary gas mileage. Therefore every Approved Used Bike undergoes an independent mileage and history check so we know it hasn't been stolen, written off, or is still subject to a finance agreement.

A motorist who odometer bought a car which had clocked more than twice the mileage shown on its odometer took the seller to court and won. If you do not see any tire damage and cannot identify the source of the vibration, take the vehicle to a tire dealer for a thorough inspection.

Total Car Check are not the first organisation to begin offering vehicle provenance checks in the UK, that was in fact the organisation now trading as HPI Limited, (HPI and HPI Check are trademarks of HPI Limited, Total Car Check is in no way affiliated with HPI or the HPI Check) who originally began trading in 1938.

Along with verifying the mileage against the NMR and checking the history with Cartell, there are some extra steps you can take to help reduce the odds of buying a clocked car. This is due to the need for your second major service visit—usually occurring between 60,000 and 70,000 miles—which will often increase your expenses even more than the first.

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